Daily Dose Social Media Tip of the Day – Don’t get caught up in numbers

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Daily Dose – Social Media Tip of the Day for January 22, 2012

“How can I get 10,000 fans on my Facebook Page?”

“My competitor has 2,500 followers on Twitter – how can I get that same number?”

Valid questions. But they miss the point of social media marketing.

Social media marketing is about building relationships, sharing information and resources, all the while establishing credibility for your brand.

There are services where you can purchase fans and followers – but what value does that provide? Most of these accounts are spam-bots who will never buy your product or service or visit your website.

Focus your energies on the customers and clients that you DO have – they are your best brand ambassadors!

Ask your Facebook fans to share your stories and photos; ask your Twitter followers to “RT – ReTweet” your content. Then acknowledge and thank them when they do.

Focus on the fans and followers you have, not on what you don’t have, and you will see your online community grow and thrive!

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