7 Questions You Must Answer to Get the Right Kind of Facebook Fans

7 Questions You Must Answer to Get the Right Kind of Facebook Fans

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Love it or hate it, Facebook reigns supreme over the social media landscape.

Pew Internet reported that nearly eight-in-ten online Americans (79%) now use Facebook.

The key to getting your message out on Facebook is having a fully engaged audience of fans that are willing to like, comment, share, and click on your posts.

As we all know (and frequently lament), organic (unpaid) reach on Facebook is way down. A study from Edgerank Checker found that between February 2012 and March 2014, organic reach for the average Facebook page dropped from 16% to 6.5%. Research from Social@Ogilvy suggests that for pages with more than 500K Likes (fans), organic reach can be as low as 2%.

There are many reasons for this – the saturation of the landscape, the Facebook algorithm, the quality of your social media content, the frequency with which you post, and more.

But a vital indicator to the health and vibrancy of a Facebook page is whether or not you have the RIGHT kind of fans.

Little know pro tip about using Facebook effectively – You don’t want just ANYONE to like your page!

Holding huge contests where you give away an expensive prize are all well and good, but are they getting you the kinds of fans on your page that will sign up, donate, volunteer, or take an action?

Getting the RIGHT kind of Facebook fans is something that all page administrators struggle with on a regular basis.

Here are just 7 questions to ask when formulating your plan and content strategy to attract the right kinds of Facebook fans for your organization.

7 Questions You Must Answer to Get the Right Kind of Facebook Fans

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