Marketing/Outreach or Fundraising Campaign Planning – Start to Finish

We will create a detailed Campaign Calendar for your next marketing or fundraising campaign, detailing the exact ways to best use your website, blog, email, and social media platforms to achieve your fundraising goal or to raise awareness for a specific project or program.

I will guide you step-by-step through the preparation, launch, implementation, and follow-up required of a successful nonprofit marketing or fundraising campaign.

This package includes:

In this project, we will:

  • Complete a detailed audit of your current online efforts and campaign infrastructure (website, donation pages, blog, social media, other tools);
  • Develop goals and benchmarks to ensure that we can document our progress and accomplishments;
  • Create a custom Campaign Calendar, including specific action items, tasks, and recommended time-saving tools to use (this can also be used as a template for future campaigns);
  • Develop a Social Media Toolkit to be used during the campaign;
  • Create a plan to recruit and catalyze Social Media Ambassadors to help spread the word about your campaign;
  • Assist in the creation of Facebook Ads (where necessary) to promote your campaign;
  • Be available to you during the campaign to troubleshoot, brainstorm, and answer questions;
  • Cover all your questions around online campaigns.

During the implementation and follow-up phase of your campaign, I will be available to answer questions, discuss progress, and brainstorm new ideas.

One week after your campaign has concluded, we will have a follow-up phone call to detail what worked and what could be improved upon for next time.

This package is for you if:

  • Your nonprofit wants to create and launch a focused online campaign, either for marketing and outreach or for raising a specific amount of money;
  • You want a step-by-step calendar for each day of the campaign, as well as detailed checklists to follow when creating and launching;
  • You are overwhelmed with all the tools and information available and need tactical guidance on what to prioritize;
  • You work for a small nonprofit that needs a step-by-step plan that will lead to measurable results.

Investment: $3,500