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8 ways to get the most out of LinkedIn Groups

If you are on LinkedIn (and if you’re not, you should be), you should be actively participating in LinkedIn Groups. LinkedIn Groups give your overall LI experience more mileage – it’s really the meat on the LinkedIn bones. Some Groups are open to the public, some are closed, some have ...

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13 Signs You Are Meant To Be Self-Employed

Happy Friday the 13th! In honor of the 13th day of the month, I present to you my Guest Post on! Many thanks to Jeff Bard for the inspiration for this post.  Read it here, and please share, tweet, like and post for your followers! Thanks ...

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How to use social media in your job search [Daily Dose]

Daily Dose Social Media Tip – How to use social media in your job search 34-year-old Dave Cutler in Waltham is looking for a job. But he’s not just photocopying resumes, attending boring networking events and cut & pasting impassioned cover letters. When he was laid off from his job ...

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