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To attendees of the ADDP Technology Day, here are my two presentations:

Twitter 101
Social Media – What’s Hot & What’s Not

Helpful Resources: 

Radian 6: 30 Ideas for you 2012 Social Media Plan

Building Your Presence with Facebook Pages: A Guide for Causes and Nonprofits

Editorial Calendar template

SAMPLES – Social Media Policies

Social Media ROI spreadsheet

Please see other nonprofit social media resources below.

Here I have collected some of my favorite and most useful tips and tricks for using social media effectively.

I will be constantly updating and revising this page and these documents, so check back often!

If you don’t see something on this page that you are interested in, please email me at and let me know.

Best Practices for Nonprofits – Facebook

Best Practices for Nonprofits – Twitter

Best Practices for Nonprofits – LinkedIn

Best Practices for Nonprofits – Content Creation

Best Practices for Nonprofits – Promoting Your Profiles

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