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How to create a strategic nonprofit communications plan

October 6 – Strategic Communications

Hosted by Third Sector New England

Thursday, October 6, 2016, 9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Fee: $109* (full-day, lunch is included)

Workshop Description:

Do you feel that your nonprofit is spinning its wheels when it comes to communicating with supporters and potential donors?

Do you feel overwhelmed by all of the tools available–from Facebook to YouTube to mobile messaging to blogging?

Are you using social media at your organization right now but not seeing any tangible results?

In today’s increasingly competitive landscape for donors’ attention and support, getting people to notice and to hear your nonprofit’s message can seem impossible.

This workshop will help.

Over the course of a full day, we will:

  • Create a useable Communications Strategy and actionable Timeline to focus your message and prioritize your tasks;
  • Draft an Editorial Calendar with a month’s worth of content you can tailor to your nonprofit;
  • Review the metrics that matter and create a Measurement Spreadsheet to ensure that you are consistently working towards your goals;
  • Learn how digital and visual storytelling tactics such as photos, videos, and infographics can help your nonprofit cut through the clutter;
  • Answer your questions about using paid advertising on social media;
  • Explore low-cost and free graphic design and video-sharing tools you can start using today.

You will leave the session with a Communications Strategy and Timeline, a draft of an Editorial Calendar for content creation and promotion, and multiple real-world examples from nonprofits kicking butt in their communications and marketing.

Space is very limited so register now! 

Social Media Strategies SummitNovember 2-3 – Social Media Strategies Summit: Higher Education

This #SMSsummit features an agenda full of experts ready to share their secrets to success on social media.

I will be presenting a workshop on storytelling using Facebook and Instagram.

Storytelling is the most effective way to grow support and to keep students, alumni, and donors engaged. It’s all about crafting authentic, real, emotional stories about your institution and the impact that it has on the lives of your community.

Sharing gripping stories using social media is a powerful way to showcase results and raise awareness. But with all the digital tools available, how can you, as a busy marketing and fundraising professional, choose where to place your focus? How can you identify, collect, and craft wonderful stories that will compel people to take action? How can you mold these stories for each social media platform? What are the steps you can take to develop a plan for your storytelling campaign, to ensure that you won’t just be spinning your wheels?

In this workshop, Digital Marketing Strategist Julia Campbell will guide you every step of the way through effective storytelling on Facebook and Instagram.

Through this workshop, attendees will learn:

  • Storytelling strategies that will turn your supporters from passive readers into passionate advocates
  • The nuts and bolts of creating a plan for a digital storytelling campaigns
  • Best practices in using Facebook and Instagram to tell your stories and how to best incorporate visuals in your social media storytelling.
  • Tips on using video to tell your stories, including leveraging the popularity and unique perspective of live streaming platforms.

Join the #SMSummit movement! Register today to save your spot!

Social Eyes EP #22: Authenticity and Building an Online Community with Julia Campbell

Social Eyes Podcast – Authenticity and Building an Online Community – Episode 22

I am pleased to have been featured on my friend Jeannine O’Neil’s super social media podcast, Social Eyes!

See more details up at Jeannine’s blog, and listen to the podcast here:

Rally & Engage Podcast – How to Use Social Media for Fundraising

I am pleased to have been featured on Causevox’s social media for nonprofits podcast, Rally & Engage!

See more details up at Causevox’s blog, and register for my free webinar with Causevox here.

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