How to Create a 90-Day Nonprofit Online Marketing Plan (Without Spending Hours On Social Media)

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The term “online marketing” can send chills up the spine of even the most seasoned nonprofit professional. Anxiety about staying up-to-date with all the different technology platforms, posting to social media every week, updating the website, writing the email newsletter… that’s enough to keep a busy nonprofit practitioner up at night. There is a solution, and I’m going to spell …

Social Media What's Hot What's Not

Social Media – What’s Hot…What’s Not

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I am thrilled to present this morning on the topic “Social Media: What’s Hot… And What’s Not” at The Enterprise Center at Salem State University! Please enjoy my presentation, and leave me a comment! Thanks for stopping by. If you can’t see the slideshow above, please click on this link: Social Media – What’s Hot…What’s Not – J Campbell Social Marketing from …

5 ways to use pop culture to generate great content

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“Create great content! Create great content!” These three words can sound like a battle cry in a foreign language to a person just starting out in the blogosphere or social media world. What do these words mean? It’s simple. If you consistently “create great content” for your readers and online communities, then fame, fortune and power follow! Yes! But wait. …