10 Ways Nonprofits Can Use Social Media During The Holidays

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The holiday season is in full swing! Do you have a plan to engage your supporters during this crucial time of year? (HINT: Sending out repeated “Donate now!” pleas through Twitter and Facebook isn’t a plan.)

Here are some of my suggestions for content to post, tweet and share this month, guaranteed to get responses from supporters.

If you provide content that is of value to your donors, they will be more likely to read and respond to a call to action post, i.e. donate, volunteer, hold a toy drive or sign a petition. Social media should be social – not a megaphone for your organization to broadcast your needs and desires (as important and as time-sensitive as they may be). There needs to be give and take, a conversation – a shared experience, not just a request.

I hope you find these tips helpful – if you have suggestions and feedback, please leave them in the Comments section below. Happy Holidays! 

1) The holiday season is the busiest travel time of year. Offer tips for staying stress-free while traveling and spending time with relatives. Tie it to your mission if possible, but if not, keep it light-hearted and positive – people often check Facebook and Twitter while stuck at airports or on long car trips (not while driving, of course!) so this is a perfect captive audience.

2) The holiday season can also be a cause of depression for many people. Post helpful articles on avoiding depression and conflict during the holidays. If this ties to your mission, fantastic! If not, it will be much appreciated by your followers who will know that you care about their well-being, not just their donations!

3) 12 days of Christmas – 12 days of Impact! Pick 12 of your most inspiring success stories this year and share them on Facebook and Twitter! Make sure to post photos and videos of the testimonials (where possible) as these types of posts and tweets get the most reaction from supporters. Attach a link to the full story, with more photos and more video where possible, on your website.

4) Offer a contest on your Facebook page for Best Photo With Santa. Everyone loves a cute photo of a child (or even a pet) on Santa’s lap! Fans can post their photos on your organization’s Facebook wall, and your Board or a group of volunteers can select the favorite. The prize can be a donation made in their name to your organization from a local sponsoring company or loyal donor.

5)  Post helpful gift ideas for your readers and tie it in with your mission – whether your organization is focused on children (post safe toy ideas), animals (ideas for pet gifts), the environment (sustainable gifts) or the arts (musical gifts).

6) Offer gift ideas through your own website! Do you have ways that people can donate in honor of others? Set it up now! Create a special, dedicated page on your website where you can direct people to make Gifts In Honor Of. Do you have things that you can “sell” – like Heifer International or Oxfam? Monetize some of your services and put those giving options on your Facebook page, Twitter account, in your email newsletter and your website.

7) Do you serve a diverse population? Share some of the ways that your clients, your staff and/or your Board celebreate the holiday season. Make sure to share photos, stories and links to more information.

8) Ask your followers to share their favorite holiday recipes (and why it is their favorite) on your organization’s Facebook Wall or through an @Mention on Twitter. Pick your 10 favorites and post them on your website.

9) Do a Facebook and Twitter Poll asking followers to vote on their favorite holiday movie. (This will be sure to elicit some heated arguments!)

10) On Christmas Day, ask your readers to share their favorite Christmas memory and to share their photos on your Facebook page.

p.s. Stay tuned for next week’s post – 10 Ways Small Businesses Can Use Social Media During The Holidays

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