Daily Dose – Use Pinterest in your marketing plan

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Daily Dose – Social Media Tip of the Day – Use Pinterest in your marketing plan

Yesterday’s post introduced you to the fastest growing social networking site, Pinterest.

Now that you’ve checked it out, requested an invite and signed up, I will share just a few ways you can use Pinterest to promote your business or nonprofit.

1) Share infographics on your industry. Heather Mansfield and Beth Kanter do an incredible job of curating fabulous visual content relevant to the nonprofit sector.

2) Nonprofits can share compelling photos that highlight their mission – pictures of the environment, animals, nature, children, families, community, education.

3) Businesses can share interesting photos of their office, workspace, storefront, and the work that they are doing. Architects can post photos of their work and work they admire, vacation travel agents can post photos of great getaways and travel packages,  real estate agents can post photos of houses, writers can post photos of books they want to read – the possibilities are endless!

4) As with all social media, if you are primarily using Pinterest for self-promotion you will not gain followers and no one will pay attention. Constant self-promotion leaves a bad taste in people’s mouths. Be authentic, be interesting, be genuine and be creative!

Check out this blog post for 12 ways nonprofits can use Pinterest, and click here to discover 10 ways that businesses are using it to their benefit.

Tomorrow’s Daily Dose will explain why you need to check out Google+.

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  1. Jason & Cinnamon

    Nice summary. Another option we’ve found is that sharing how-to type pins is a great way to engage people within Pinterest and get a good amount of repins. you can see how we’re using pinterest for marketing on Pinterest.

    Jason & Cinnamon Miles

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