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Daily Dose – Social Media Tip of the Day – Try out Google+

Most people I talk to just assume that Google+ is “Google’s answer to Facebook“. Not so.

From the articles I have read, as well as conversations I’ve had with social media afficionados, I’ve found that Google+ is being used for different reasons than Facebook and Twitter.

A December 2011 article in The Huffington Post discovered that people are using “Google+ as a place to make new friends, not re-connect with old ones”.

In other words, Facebook is where you go to connect with old friends to see photos of their kids, hear their rants about their day and make plans for the weekend.

Google+ is used to discover fresh content about things that interest you – politics, social media, celebrities, travel – and to more easily network with people and organizations that you may never have known existed.

I’m admittedly still trying it out – I still spend the majority of my time on Facebook – but it’s certainly worth exploring.

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