Daily Dose – #ThankfulThursday

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Daily Dose – Social Media Tip of the Day – #ThankfulThursday

It’s #ThankfulThursday!

Despite the hashtag in front of it, this weekly event is not limited to Twitter.

Use your social media channels every Thursday to show your gratitude towards your most active and engaged followers and fans.

Thank people for following, for sharing, for reading, for commenting.

Thank them for just being them!

Of course, you should be doing this more than once a week, but #ThankfulThursday is helpful in that it reminds you to take a day to focus on being grateful and showing it.

John Haydon shared a great idea – Why not post and/or tweet: “We have the absolute best fans in the entire world! Thank you so much for being a part of our community!”

See what happens! I guarantee the results will astound you. (Spoiler Alert: People love to be thanked and acknowledged.)

How do you use #ThankfulThursday? Please post your ideas in the Comments section. 

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