9 ways to celebrate February 29 on social media

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It’s February 29! Hooray!

My good friend Melodee happens to be a bisextile year baby (popularly known as a leap year, technically known as a bisextile year), and to her I say, Happy 8th Birthday!

Leap years are, by their very nature, rare. It’s a reminder to watch the Olympics and to vote for President. (Thanks, ancient ones!)

People like leap years, people like to talk about leap years, people are intrigued by leap years.

All of these characteristics add up to the perfect storm on social media!

How can you celebrate today and the Leap Year overall on social media? By talking about it!

1) On Facebook, post a special Happy Birthday message to all the poor souls who only have a “real” birthday every 4 years.

2) Tweet every 29 minutes throughout the day –  not for the faint of heart (or faint of Twitter).

3) Create a special Pin Board on Pinterest of your 29 favorite images. Make sure they are visually compelling and will make people want to repin them.

4) Email 29 contacts on LinkedIn that you’ve been meaning to make a deeper connection with, or send a connect request to 29 people who you’ve neglected.

5) +1 day equals lots of fun on Google+! If you haven’t jumped in and explored this growing social network, jump in today! If you already do “the plus”, +1 at least 29 articles. Share the love.

6) Ask the question “What are you doing to do with your extra day this year?” on your social networks.

7) Use your blog to discuss issues pertaining to the Leap Year, celebrations around the world, strange traditions and superstitions or a “how to” list such as this one.

8) Since it’s an extra day, offer a special discount to customers – 29% off, 29 free minutes, $29 worth of goods, etc. Better yet, offer an exclusive prize to anyone who can prove their birthday is today!

9) Use it the day to bring attention to your favorite charity and cause – use the extra day to give extra back.

Does your business take advantage of the Leap Year and other holidays? What advice do you have for others? Please leave your feedback in the Comments section, or email me at julia@jcsocialmarketing.com – Thanks for reading! 

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