Best of the Interwebs – Did you miss these?

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Wow, lots of great stuff on the Internet lately! 

If you missed any of these, then you’ve got your beach reading for the weekend. (Thank me later.)

Social media etiquette: 11 dos and don’tsRagan’s PR Daily

As Google Tweaks Searches, Some Get Lost in the WebWSJ

Clever article from The Onion making fun of digital marketers

How to make an e-productThe Mogul Mom

Uncover Your Brand Personality: A 10-Minute Exercise for Clearer MarketingBBS Media

Are you a good listener?Ragan’s PR Daily

My posts this week:

The big picture implications of embracing social media

Social Media Toolbox – a presentation

Anything I missed? Please put it in the Comments section. Happy June! 

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