It’s not all about the Likes.

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How can we get more Likes, Followers, Fans, Connections, Circles?

Lately it seems that is all anyone cares about. Get those numbers up!

“If we get 1500 Twitter followers/500 Facebook fans/674 LinkedIn connections, things will be better! THEN we can rest easy!”

Numbers People are consumed by the “numbers game” on social media and ignore all else.

I understand why this happens. In our culture, more is always better – more money, more hours, more things, more awards. More = better in most people’s minds, and it translates over to the realm of social media.

Numbers People are so focused on moving on to the next thing, the next Like, the next follower, that they miss out on important interactions with current clients and customers.

Maybe you work with Numbers People. Maybe your supervisor is one. Or your Board members.

Numbers People have been known to say the following:

  • We don’t need a strategy. Let’s just jump in and get as many fans as we can.
  • We don’t have to measure our results – let’s just wing it. If we get enough Likes, we will know it’s working.
  • Let’s just keep pushing our product, and our sales are bound to increase.

The real problem with Numbers People is that they are missing the point of social media. It’s not a race to the finish or a sprint – it’s an endurance race. He who dies with the most Twitter followers does not win.

The truth is that 50 dedicated Brand Ambassadors are worth more to your brand and your organization than 2500 “fans” who hide you in their News Feed or ignore every tweet.

Yes, cultivating the Brand Ambassadors may take more work than simply gaining new followers and fans (as shallow as they may be). But what will get you the best and most lasting result in the long run?

How do you deal with Numbers People? Do you agree or disagree that social media worth is measured in pure numbers? Anything to add? Please post in the Comments section and make sure to share this post with your friends! Thanks for reading! 

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  1. Hinsel Scott

    If social media has taught us anything it’s that the old rules don’t always apply. Even the big companies that have stepped into the social arena have often times been caught by surprise by exactly how different it can be from traditional marketing methods.

    I will say this: sometimes it IS a numbers game. How many likes, followers, or fans you have CAN be used as some metric to gauge your amount of online success. That said, however, numbers aren’t ALL there is to it.

    Is it better to have 5,000 fans who barely see or interact with any of your content or would you rather have 500 RABID fans who love what you post and reshare it on their own (helping do you work for you) ? The answer there is a no brainer.

    Likes,followers, and fans are just like content: the QUALITY of them does so much more than the quantity alone ever will. Social media isn’t about selling to the people you’re connected to, it’s about connecting with the people you’re selling to. If you nurture those relationships in a real way numbers alone won’t matter any more because the PEOPLE will be on your side; even in this digital age word of mouth is still a very, very powerful thing.

    1. Post
      Julia Claire Campbell

      Interesting point. Have you seen the new Facebook Page feature where you can see how many people are seeing your post? It’s disappointing and often surprising for people. I agree with you – quality over quantity anytime!!

    2. Post
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  3. Ari Herzog

    I get bug-eyed when company Facebook pages announce contests that they will give a gift certificate when they reach 100 fans or 1000 fans or something inane like that — when you peruse their recent wall posts and due to EdgeRank only see a handful of people liking, let alone commenting. So, sure, get your 1000th fan and give the person a coupon; but what about the other 999?

    1. Post
      Julia Claire Campbell

      I completely agree – too often my clients get focused on the number of Likes, but don’t understand that quality over quantity rules!

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