Don't Bother Me I'm Pinning

102 Things to Pin on Pinterest

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Don't Bother Me I'm Pinning

By now I’m sure you have heard of Pinterest, the fastest growing social media site and the hottest thing since, well, Facebook and Twitter! In February 2012, comScore reported that the site had passed 10 million monthly unique users faster than any standalone site ever.

The beauty of Pinterest is that you can leave your comfort zone, think outside the marketing pitch and get creative. If you haven’t dived in, there are many blogs discussing the reasons why you should join.

But what will you pin when you get there?

Whether you have pin-block or suffer from pin-sanity, keep this list close – hopefully you’ll find a new way to use and enjoy Pinterest!

102 Things to Pin on Pinterest

  1. A product that you love and use every day
  2. A product that you want to try
  3. A craft idea you tried with your kids
  4. A craft idea you want to try
  5. A craft idea that inspires you
  6. Halloween ideas
  7. Christmas ideas
  8. Valentine’s Day ideas
  9. Easter ideas
  10. Nail art
  11. A piece of clothing that you love
  12. A piece of clothing that you want
  13. Accessories that speak to your style
  14. Nautical accessories (very popular right now)
  15. Images of children
  16. Images of pets
  17. Interesting shoes
  18. Neat bags and purses
  19. Fun toys
  20. Educational toys
  21. Artwork
  22. Collectibles
  23. Interior decorating photos
  24. Favorite images that represent summer…
  25. …Winter
  26. …Fall
  27. …Spring
  28. Places that you want to travel
  29. Places that you have traveled to
  30. Architecture that inspires you
  31. Architecture that is cool to look at
  32. Infographics
  33. Charts
  34. Tables
  35. A graphic with a quote, saying or inspirational message
  36. A graphic with a blog post headline (linked to your blog)
  37. Before and after photos that show the results of your service or product
  38. Images of you
  39. Images of your team/staff/volunteers/Board
  40. Comics
  41. Memes
  42. Illustrations
  43. Brainstorming sketch
  44. Word cloud
  45. Covers of books that you want to read
  46. Covers of books that you have read
  47. Photos of celebrities you’d like to meet
  48. Photos of sports stars that inspire you
  49. Favorite comic book characters
  50. Favorite musicians
  51. Favorite album art
  52. Best corporate brands
  53. Photos from nonprofits
  54. Images that represent causes that matter to you
  55. Exercise photos
  56. Things that sparkle
  57. Ideas for your workspace or home office
  58. Fun activities to do with kids
  59. Fun activities to do with adults
  60. Party ideas
  61. Party favor photos
  62. Photos from your favorite decade
  63. Images representing your city
  64. Images that represent fatherhood/motherhood
  65. Social media images
  66. Gift ideas for others (Note: Pins cannot be set to private)
  67. Flowers
  68. Plants
  69. Trees
  70. Stuff you want from Etsy (gift ideas for you!)
  71. Technology
  72. Electronics that you love and use
  73. Electronics that you want
  74. Iconic photos
  75. News photos
  76. Organization ideas
  77. DIY tutorials
  78. Tattoos
  79. Favorite restaurants
  80. Favorite stores
  81. Oriental rugs
  82. Cool posters
  83. Foods that you like to eat
  84. Foods that you wish you liked to eat
  85. Recipes that you have tried
  86. Recipes that you are dying to try
  87. Favorite ingredients in food
  88. Favorite ways to present food
  89. Favorite TV shows
  90. Favorite movies
  91. Blog posts you want to read
  92. Blog posts that you recommend
  93. Outdoor photography
  94. Images related to current events
  95. Political images
  96. Vintage photos
  97. Close up photos of nature – have people guess what it is
  98. Photos of cocktails
  99. Favorite fonts
  100. Funny cards from
  101. Candy and treats
  102. Ideas of other things to pin!

Did I miss anything? Please post your ideas and thoughts in the Comments. Thanks for reading! 

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