Do you know who your Twitter followers are?

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Julia Campbell Twitter Follow MeThanks to Karen May Dy of Smart Marketing For Women, I discovered the amazing Twitter app – a very useful, free tool to analyze and track your Twitter followers.

Followerwonk displays a detailed analysis of my Twitter followers in handy, easy to read pie charts and graphs.

So cool!

From using Followerwonk, I discovered that:

  • The majority of my followers are from the Northwest U.S.;
  • I have followers from countries all over the world, including Chile, Iraq, Tanzania, India, Indonesia and New Zealand;
  • My followers are fairly influential;
  • I have two followers that have over 1 million followers themselves;
  • I follow 29 people that have never tweeted (these are most likely personal friends that started accounts but never used them);
  • My followers speak eight languages.

Followerwonk displayed my followers’ most active hours on Twitter, a dream come true to a marketing professional!

Analysis of skullsflying's Twitter followers - Followerwonk-163955

My favorite feature is the Bio Word Cloud.

The Bio Word Cloud tells me what words and terms my followers use most frequently in their Twitter bios. This is helpful to understand my followers and what they are interested in.

Analysis of skullsflying's Twitter followers - Followerwonk-164501Not surprisingly, my followers tend to have the words “social media” and “marketing” in their bios.

Pretty neat.

Other cool feature: You can analyze anyone’s Twitter followers – Lady Gaga, Mitt Romney, President Obama, etc. This could be very helpful in political campaigns, or to find out if the majority of someone’s followers are inactive (and probably purchased/fake).

Have you used Followerwonk? What other ways do you use to better understand your Twitter followers? Please leave your thoughts in the Comments section! Thanks for reading! 

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