Flight Of The Conchords Pen Charity Song For Kids, 'Feel Inside And Stuff Like That ' VIDEO -121158

Using humor in fundraising

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Why didn’t we think of that?

Flight of the Conchords, a hilarious pop duo from New Zealand, has reminded all of us working in nonprofits that our fundraising appeals don’t have to be all doom and gloom.

They released a witty, catchy charity fundraising song called “Feel Inside (And Stuff Like That)” on iTunes, with all the proceeds to benefit Cure Kids, a New Zealand charity that funds medical research on life-threatening illnesses that affect children.

The best part is that Jermaine and Bret interview children (in the incredible video below) to get ideas for song lyrics, which they incorporate into the single.

It’s creative, witty, funny, touching and effective all at the same time.



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