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Social media is like working out

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Social media personal trainingI see myself as a sort of Personal Trainer.

If you ask people what constitutes a successful exercise regimen, they will most likely say determination, commitment, willpower and perseverance.

These are the same characteristics of an effective social media campaign.

If you work out once per week, you are not going to get the results that you would get if you incorporated exercise into your daily routine.

If you only blog once per month and post to Facebook once per week, you are not going to see any results in terms of building an active and engaged online community.

In many ways, Personal Trainers and Social Media Consultants are a lot alike.

We provide practical tips about creating, implementing and measuring a routine – and then our clients go off by themselves, hopefully to succeed (some to fail).

Here are my three Personal Training tips for your social media marketing strategy:

1)     Avoid discouragement. After you’ve worked on it for a while, the initial excitement will wear off. This is where you will be tested – do you get discouraged, or do you try even harder?

2)     It’s important to do something every day. Read a blog, post on a social networking site, take a webinar. If you are to succeed, you need to exercise your social media muscles daily.

3)     Make it part of your daily routine. Social media, like exercise, is not something you cross off your weekly To Do list. You need to be active every single day to make it stick.

What do you think – are there other Personal Training tips that you use to be effective at social media? Please leave your thoughts in the comments section below. Thank you for reading! 

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  1. Ed Alexander

    Julia, you have a gift for distilling the complex and making it simple and practical!

    See you at North by Northshore!



    1. Post
      Julia Claire Campbell

      Thank you very much Ed!

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