5 quick and dirty tips for nonprofits participating in an online giving challenge

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Today nonprofits throughout Boston are participating in an online giving challenge, and I am happy to be spreading the word!

The Giving Common Challenge is a 36-hour event that started at 8:00 am EDT today and runs through 8:00 pm EDT on October 11, 2012.

Over 60 prizes totaling $151,000 will be awarded to qualifying organizations during the challenge period. More details on The Giving Common Challenge website.

My 5 quick and dirty tips for nonprofits participating in an online giving challenge:

1) Use your stories! Highlight your organization’s impact and the people who you serve every single day. Use photos, compelling quotes, short videos and blog posts to let the world know that you are making a difference.

2) Don’t make it all about the money. Most people don’t care that you have the opportunity to leverage their gift into a bigger donation (if they even read that far in the email). They care that their donation is going to help a cause that is important to them. Showcase the impact that you are having first and foremost!

3) Post frequently and thoughtfully on your social media sites detailing your progress and letting people know how they can help. Recruit a Social Media Street Team to help you get the word out – provide them with sample tweets and Facebook posts so they can just copy, paste and share with their social networks.

4) The same goes for your email list. Ask Board members, volunteers, staff and supporters to send out emails on your behalf throughout the day – provide them with sample text and links to make it easier on them.

5) Celebrate milestones throughout the challenge. Send and update if you won a prize or if you are close to your goal.  Updates can be one or two sentences! Share a photo with a person thinking about how your donation is going to make an impact – for example, if we get this money and win this prize, we will be able to build a new playground!

Don’t forget: After the event, make sure to acknowledge everyone who participated and thank them for their help, their time and their money.

Good luck!

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