Social Media for Social Good [Infographic -124124

Visualization on Social Media for Social Good [Infographic]

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Social Media for Social Good [Infographic -124124

Logan Harper, the community manager for UNC-Chapel Hill’s School of Government’s new online Masters in Public Administration program (MPA@UNC), reached out to me to post his new infographic on Social Media for Social Good.

In it, he provides examples of successful nonprofit social media advocacy campaigns, as well as the elements of successful campaigns and emerging trends in charitable giving and volunteering.

He wrote, and I agree:

Social media—through which users create online communities to share information, ideas, personal messages, and other content—is a powerful and accessible tool.

With these new media tools, governments, nonprofits, corporations, and individuals all have the ability to communicate their messages and participate in conversations with a global audience.

Social media allows nonprofits and groups promoting social causes, even those with limited budgets, the opportunity to magnify their voices. In our hyper-connected world, individuals have the tools to effect change, raise millions of dollars, find volunteers, and make a global impact.

In our new Social Media for Social Good infographic, we profile several successful grassroots and nonprofit campaigns, explain tactics that increase the impact of a message, and explore emerging trends in charitable giving and volunteering.

 Great job Logan – thanks for sharing! The infographic is below.

Social Media For Social Good


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