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Pinning for Good: How UNICEF Uses Pinterest to Raise Awareness and Raise Funds

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Veruca Salt I want it nowIf you are like me, you have become hopelessly addicted to Pinterest.

The uses, both personal and for business, are endless. Pin expensive, sparkly shoes and bags! Pin ideas for your Christmas party! Pin ideas for your child’s bedroom! Pin blog articles! Pin inspiring quotes!

On the surface, Pinterest seems pretty shallow – an extension of our rampant consumerism. It is seen by some as just another online shopping list; a voyeuristic view into the (needless?)  items we covet and desire.

UNICEF is turning Pinterest on it’s head by posting compelling images of things that people in the world really want and need – to survive.

They created a fictional profile for a 13-year-old girl named Ami Musa, from the poor, war torn African country of Sierra Leone.

Ami’s one and only board is called “Really want these” and instead of Louboutins, iPhone cases and nail art she’s dying to try, Ami’s pinned images include plain rice, faucets for clean drinking water, and chalk for school.

UNICEF Ami Musa Pinterest

Ami Musa’s Pinterest Board

If you click on the photos on Ami’s pin board, you are taken to a simple donation landing page at the UNICEF website with a photo of “Ami” and the text:

Children like Ami need basics that many of us take for granted: food, education, healthcare, a clean supply of water. Your donation can help us provide these and other essentials. Thank you.

The effect is startling – it made me sit up and pay attention. I immediately got a brainstorm of how different nonprofits could use this method to promote their cause and solicit donations.

Homelessness agencies posting pictures of beds, kitchens, clothing and other comforts.

Domestic violence programs posting photos that represent happiness, safety and support.

Animal advocates posting photos of pet care items and people happy with their pets.

Food banks posting photos of the items that they most need and want in each season.

The possibilities are endless! It remains to be seen, however, if the average Pinterest user will mind this disruption as they peruse the latest fashions, technology and interior design.

What do you think? Would you click on Ami’s board? Do you see Pinterest being used for good? Please leave your thoughts in the comments section below or on my Facebook page. Thanks for reading! 

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