An example of using email marketing to get more Facebook Likes

An example of using email marketing to get more Facebook Likes

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An example of using email marketing to get more Facebook LikesEmail marketing is a necessary tool in any effective marketing toolkit.

When used correctly, business and nonprofit professionals can use their email lists to grow their social media communities.

Here is a good example of a simple way to do it.

Crown Trophy, a small business in Peabody, Massachusetts, created a Facebook page, and wanted to let their customers know about it.

See the email that they sent announcing their Page:

Putting the cart before the horse – You can’t build your social media community without an email list.

Crown Trophy’s Facebook Announcement email

Why it works:

1)     Compelling photo. One of their employees just got married, so they included a photo of the bride and groom. It automatically makes the email warmer and more personal. (As an added bonus, the photo is actually a sample of the product they are offering you when you Like the Page!)

2)     Good title. The email headline tells you a little bit about the content of the email. It’s not called “Hello from Crown Trophy!” or “November Newsletter”.

3)     Informal language. The language is familiar. The owner of Crown Trophy, Brian Murphy, knows that his clients are loyal to him because of his friendly personality. The tone of the email is funny, self-deprecating and written like a friend talking to another friend. You know an actual person wrote this, as opposed to a marketing department, and it makes you more likely to read it.

4)     Easy to read. It’s short, clean, and there are links in the email that are easy to find.

5)     Clear call to action. There is a clear purpose to this email. It doesn’t try to do 100 things at once. Crown Trophy wants you to join them on Facebook. However, the email is not a small paragraph pleading “Like us on Facebook”! Instead, Crown Trophy provides reasons to Like them – an incentive to get a discounted phone case. They also tell you what they will be using their Facebook Page for – “new products, blowout sales, etc.”

You do not need to be computer or tech savvy to create and send an email like this. This email probably took just a few minutes to write as well as add links and photos. You can also use it to promote any number of other social media accounts, not just Facebook.

Don’t have an email list? Well, that’s a topic for another blog post. In the interim, visit Constant Contact’s Learning Center or visit SocialTriggers for tips on building your email list.

How would you or did you announce your Facebook Page? Any other ideas that I missed? Please leave your thoughts in the Comments or on my Facebook page. Thanks for reading!

photo credit: Horia Varlan via photopin cc

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  1. Ari Herzog

    Sorry, Julia, I disagree. An email with 5 paragraphs is not short. If the call to action can’t be drilled into a Twitter message or few sentences more, it’s too long.

    1. Post
      Julia Claire Campbell

      Hi Ari – While it’s not short, and I certainly didn’t write it (I wouldn’t have kept it as long), I think it’s a good example of what a small business owner can do, without knowing anything about writing, editing or digital marketing… a true lay person’s POV if you will.

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