Oh the places you'll go

Where will you go in 2013?

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Oh the places you'll go

2012 was quite a year – I kept building my business, I spoke at and attended numerous networking and professional development events, I met incredible people and I got involved in some fantastic new projects.

What’s in store for 2013? I can only imagine bigger and even better things!

I had such a busy December that I didn’t get to make a business plan for 2013. While I am a firm believer in creating measurable and actionable strategic plans with goals and objectives, I also see the value in creating loose guidelines. Guidelines can also serve as a compass for your activities moving forward.

My guidelines for 2013:

Be helpful. It’s very simple – I want to be more helpful. To family members, friends, colleagues, clients, strangers, everyone.

Be a resource. I am in the unique position where I can charge people for my knowledge (it’s a privilege I hope to never take for granted). However, this is not the only way I can be a resource to others. I will continue to write my blog, to send out a monthly newsletter and to provide information where I can.

I don’t want to just contribute to all the noise on the internet; I want to be an integral part of people’s fundraising and marketing plans.

Be a connector. I love connecting people to other people, organizations and resources. I plan to do even more of this in 2013.

Be a risk taker. The news cycle and social media cycles are so minuscule now that people can afford to take “risks” – throw something up and see what sticks and what takes off. If I post something and no one responds, I will move on and post something else.

I also want to explore the possibility of holding open “office hours” in 2013, where people can call and get helpful information, no strings attached. These office hours would one or two hours a week at a set, scheduled time.

If this is something you would be interested in, please let me know in the comments section or by shooting me an email.

Until then, have a wonderful New Year, and please let me know where you are planning to go in 2013!

Leave your thoughts in the Comments section or on my Facebook page. Thanks for reading! 

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  1. Roy Barker

    Good luck in the new year Julia.

    I love to idea about open office hours.

    Thanks for the many provoking thoughts you put out there.

    1. Post

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