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Social Media – What’s Hot…What’s Not

Julia Claire Campbell Marketing, Social Media 9 Comments

I am thrilled to present this morning on the topic “Social Media: What’s Hot… And What’s Not” at The Enterprise Center at Salem State University!

Please enjoy my presentation, and leave me a comment! Thanks for stopping by.

If you can’t see the slideshow above, please click on this link: Social Media – What’s Hot…What’s Not – J Campbell Social Marketing from J Campbell Social Marketing

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  1. Lauri Chertok

    I really enjoyed the seminar this morning.
    Thank you for posting the slides on your site. It is so much better to review the information when you don’t have to type and listen at the same time.

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  2. Ai Lean Lim

    Thank you for a Great presentation. Your summarized version of the many types of Social Media is very helpful. I must be the most lacking behind about facebook as I joined it only 6 days ago. I joined facebook because I wanted facebook votes to support a personal dream but glad that I got into it because I found quite a few “dormant relationships” (as you put it) and connected! I would appreciate if you would email me the slides so that I can referenced it from time to time. Thanks again.

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  3. Dwayne Kilbourne

    I’d love to hear your thoughts on the LBS movement… what is your position on foursquare in 2013. Certainly, I am biased – I’m nearing 24,000 check-ins and am 1/2 of 4sqLoveStory, but what say you?

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      Julia Claire Campbell

      Hi Dwayne, Thanks for stopping by! Personally I love Foursquare and I check in all the time – I’m super competitive and love to be the Mayor of places! I think LBS has huge potential for stores, museums, galleries, etc. but it’s hard to use for the average small business that isn’t a destination. I wish I could have covered absolutely everything in my presentation but I was limited by time.

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