Social Media Update: What's Hot and What's Not

Social Media Updates: What’s Hot & What’s Not

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Social Media Updates: What's Hot and What's NotMy presentationSocial Media Update: What’s Hot and What’s Not is going live!

Watch Now!

Did you know that:

—72% of online adults use social networking sites;

—27% of online time is now spent on social networking;

—6 out of 10 internet users ages 50-64 are on social networks;

—43% of those 65 and older are using social networks!

(Source: Pew Internet)

Investment in social media is not a luxury.

It is simply a marketing necessity.

But what tools are right for your business?

And what are the hottest new tools that are going to take social media marketing by storm in 2014?

Watch my presentation on “Social Media Update: What’s Hot and What’s Not”, live!

Click here:

If you would like to peruse the slides, check them out below or on SlideShare.

Let me know what you think!

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