The Best Facebook Advice of 2013 [Infographic]

12 Great Pieces of Facebook Advice {Infographic}

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I love giving advice, but I also love receiving it.

In this great infographic from Shortstack, there are 12 succinct but helpful tips for using Facebook.

They compiled 12 of the best tips from their numerous 2013 blog posts and white papers and created a beautiful infographic.

Bookmark and save for inspiration!

What is your best Facebook tip?

The Best Facebook Advice of 2013 [Infographic]

Comments 40

  1. Steve Daar

    Great infographic.

    I see that the image is from Shortstack, but do you have any advice or had any good experiences with where to get your own infographic(s) created?

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      1. Steve Daar

        Awesome! Thank you.

        Do you have any experience with outsourcing the creation of infographics?

        I have minimal design talent + could get more done with hiring out the process.

        Thanks for the great e-book!

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  2. Jennifer

    Helpful tips here.We need to try adding an opt-in form on Facebook for email newsletters.

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