5 Great Nonprofit Infographics to Learn From

5 Great Nonprofit Infographics to Learn From

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As I’ve established in previous blog posts, having compelling, eye-catching and provocative visuals is a necessity for nonprofit marketing campaigns.

Nonprofit marketers should be constantly keeping an eye out for provocative infographics, whether you are sharing them on Pinterest or using them to communicate with donors and stakeholders.

Creating original infographics about your organization and your cause are the best way to go, since you can link them to your website, donation page, blog and email sign up list.

I created a comprehensive list of low-cost and free graphic design tools for nonprofit professionals strapped for resources and time – check it out here.

Below are 5 examples of great nonprofit infographics that tell a story, showcase impact and best of all, invite sharing on social networks.

1) Amnesty International – The U.S. Maternal Health Care Crisis

This infographic works due to a bold and colorful visual, startling statistics, plus a website link to learn about more information.

Amnesty International Maternal Health infographic

2) Compassion International – Child Sponsorship Works

I love this infographic, because it grabs you right at the top with a great photo. It focuses not on the issue or on the organization itself, but the impact that sponsoring a child has on the world.

If you are considering donating or sponsoring a child, this infographic aims to put your fears and concerns to rest. They know that their donors won’t read a stuffy, boring research report, so they put the results into this great, eye-catching and colorful visual.

Compassion International infographic3) Movember – The Good, The Bad(ass) and the Ugly

Who doesn’t love Movember? This great infographic depicts several different types of mustaches, and is sure to spur discussion and debate, while raising awareness of the organization.

Movember infographic

4) United Nations Foundation – Her Day, Every Day

Great graphics, clear text, a personal story of an individual woman – all make up storytelling and infographic gold.

My only criticism is that there is no website at the bottom – if I am so compelled by this great visual, where can I go to learn more information or get involved? (I know I can Google the organization name, but you want to make things super simple and easy for potential supporters. That extra step could mean the difference between a donation and a supporter moving on to the next thing.)

UN Foundation infographic

5) WaterWorks

This visual walks you through the problem of water sanitation. It also has a link for more information as well as a call to action at the end.

Water Aid infographic

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