7 Ways Nonprofits Can Use Pinterest Group Boards

7 Ways Nonprofits Can Use Pinterest Group Boards

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7 Ways Nonprofits Can Use Pinterest Group Boards

If your nonprofit is using Pinterest, you may have been invited to post to another user’s Group Board.

Pinning to Group Boards that others have created is a great way to increase exposure for your organization and your cause.

However, developing Group Boards yourself and inviting others to pin is an even better way – yet vastly underutilized by nonprofits on Pinterest.

You can tell a board is a Group Board because it has a little symbol next to the board name, like this:

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A Group Board works just like a regular old Pinterest Board – but along with your organization, other Pinterest users (invited and approved by you) can add pins.

Group Boards can be secret or public, but for the purposes of nonprofit marketing, I suggest creating a few that are public.

Here are 7 ways that nonprofits can use Pinterest Group Boards.

1)     Event promotion

Invite the Event Committee, speakers, sponsors, donors and volunteers to pin photos before, during and after the event.

Use an event hashtag, like #14NTC, to curate photos and find others.

2)     Showcase donors

Create a new Group Board and invite your biggest donors to promote their events, showcase their companies and post stories about why they give.

This can be an added perk to a certain giving level, or it can change up every month, featuring smaller donors as well as major gift givers.

3)     Crowdsource ideas

Are you re-doing your office, your playground or your program building?

Use a Group Board to crowdsource creative ideas from hand-picked people that you respect and admire.

4)     Invite clients

Invite clients to share their stories about their experience with your nonprofit and how it has changed their lives.

They can pin photos of their life since working with you, their daily struggles or happy moments and fun quotes. Leave it up to them.

Note that it’s fine to simply invite people and leave it up to them how much they want to share – they do not have to participate.

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5)     Fundraising ideas

Invite your most active supporters to share the great pins they are finding on Pinterest around fundraising.

This can be a board of articles, blog posts, videos and photos all having to do with raising resources for the organization.

6)     Establish authority

Start and/or join Group Boards around your cause, not just your organization.

Post infographics, compelling photos and great videos that really tell the story of why people need to care about this cause, and how they can help.

Become the go-to resource in your cause area.

7)     Collaborate with partners

Start a Group Board with other nonprofit organizations and community groups in your area.

Showcase the great work you are doing for the community, make each other aware of events and resources and share one another’s pins across your own networks.

Are there other ways that your nonprofit is using Group Boards?

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