nonprofits its your fault

Nonprofits – It’s your fault.

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nonprofits its your fault

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Nonprofits – It’s your fault.

Yes, it is.

When donors can’t figure out how to donate on your website;

When donors say they stopped donating because they didn’t hear from you;

When people are not sufficiently inspired to donate in the first place;

When Facebook fans ignore your posts;

When Twitter followers ignore your tweets;

When no one reads your blog;

When your email list never seems to grow;

When no one attends your fundraising event;

Guess what – It’s your fault.

It’s not Facebook’s fault, or the Internet, or millennials, or the economy, or the politicians.

You are doing something wrong.

The good news? If you learn to accept responsibility, you can then start on the road to recovery.

The road to improvement.

Ask four questions:

What does success look like in the first place?

Why is my organization not achieving the level of success in fundraising/programs/marketing/board giving that we would like to achieve?

What three small steps can we take to improve our chances of success?

What one large step can we take in the next year to improve our chances of success?

Circle back again and again and determine the best path. Much easier said than done, but necessary if you are going to accomplish your goals.

Stop with the excuses and get on with the work.

If you need help, send me an email – I may have some ideas.

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