How Digital and Social Media Have Transformed Nonprofits [Infographic]

How Digital and Social Media Tools Have Transformed Nonprofits [Infographic]

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How Digital and Social Media Have Transformed Nonprofits [Infographic]Social media is not a fad, nor is it a trend – it is a way of life.

Digital and social media tools have completely revolutionized the ways in which people communicate with each other, as well as the ways that we consume and share information.

Love them or hate them, they are here to stay – and their influence on nonprofit marketing and fundraising is only growing.

In MDG’s new infographic, they found that nonprofits have seen huge growth in their online presence, and an increase in their use of online fundraising tools such as social media and peer-to-peer campaigns.

Key findings:

**3 of the top 4 ways that nonprofits connect with donors and supporters are now digital – nonprofit websites, email campaigns, and social media channels.

**Online giving, while still a small percentage of overall philanthropy and giving, is the fastest growing way that donors are supporting nonprofits.

**81% of nonprofits still find Facebook incredibly important to their social strategy.

**Peer-to-peer online fundraising is popular and a great way to raise money – 33% of all online donations are made through P2P campaigns.

**Email isn’t dead – far from it! Nonprofits recoup $40 for every $1 spent on email (this means they are doing it right).

2015 Trends: How Digital and Social Media Have Transformed Nonprofits [Infographic]
by MDG Advertising

How have digital and social media tools transformed the work you do at your nonprofit? What’s in store for 2016? Leave your thoughts in the comments.  

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