What You Don’t Know About Visual Marketing On Facebook

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what-you-didnt-knowabout-visual-marketing-on-facebookGuest blog by Rebecca Hill

Visuals are everything on social media. They catch the eye, pique interest, and hopefully, grab the user’s attention. 

On Facebook, having a great visual can mean the difference between skyrocketing engagement and crickets. Facebook posts with images see 2.3 X more engagement than those without images.

To get increased engagement, you need great photos that are sized and formatted properly.

Pixelation and clumsy image text are just a few of many problems that can arise from improperly sized photos on Facebook.

Facebook offers unique opportunities for marketers to generate engagement through the social media platform’s extremely granular targeting capabilities.

However, Facebook’s frequent updates impact the recommended upload sizes for images across the platform.

The solution? TechWyse created the below infographic to share the recommended dimensions for each image on Facebook.

The infographic details recommended dimensions for simple profile photos to cover photos, shared images, shared links, app images, shared videos, sponsored posts and more.

Some of Facebook’s most recent updates saw changes to the design of Facebook business pages and the recommended dimensions for event response ads.

As well, the maximum upload size for videos was upped to 4GB and 120 minutes maximum.

You might also not be aware of each and every recommended upload size on Facebook.

For example, shared images have the recommended upload size of 1200x630px, while shared links have the recommended upload size of 1200x627px.

As well, narrow shared images may have some gray space.

The infographic also provides helpful character counts for posts, event information, and videos.

You’ll also finds tips throughout the infographic to ensure your posts are highly engaging and meet Facebook’s standards. For example, promoted posts on Facebook must have below 20% text – any higher might result in lower reach.

It’s also important to note that neglecting to upload the exact dimensions for images will cause Facebook to automatically choose the centre, meaning parts of your post could be cut off.

All of these tips can help save you time and energy – and this cheat sheet is regularly updated as Facebook alters it’s recommended dimensions.

Print or bookmark the below infographic for quick and easy reference when designing or uploading images for Facebook.  


Rebecca Hill is the Content and Outreach Coordinator at TechWyse Internet Marketing. When she’s not promoting brilliant content pieces, she’s rooting for the Toronto Blue Jays.

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