10 Specific Ways to Use Digital Storytelling in Your Next Fundraising Campaign

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In this week’s lesson, I give specific examples of digital storytelling tactics to use during your next fundraising campaign.

Catch the replay of the video on my Facebook Page by clicking here.

Here the 10 specific ways to use digital storytelling in your next fundraising campaign that I cover in this mini-training:

1) Use powerful video and ask for a contribution to the campaign during the video and at the end.

2) Colorful action photos with a story of your program in action. Ask people to read more at your website, and incorporate a donation ask there.

3) Share stories about staff member’s family and encourage you online community to share their stories.

4) Provide and update on a client and encourage people to read more on your campaign website.

5) Ask for messages of support and encouragement to the people that you serve.

6) Share frequent updates and successes, while encouraging people to contribute if they haven’t had time to do so already.

7) Educate and inform, share a piece of information that is unexpected to tell a fuller picture of the work that you do.

8) Behind-the-scenes stories at your program work well.

9) Use the Facebook Donate button during a Facebook Live talking about your fundraising campaign. Individuals who want to raise money on your behalf can also add the Facebook Donate button for your nonprofit to their Facebook Live videos.

10) Acknowledge and thank, and offer opportunities to get involved. Create a sense of urgency with your asks – “Only need 257 more people to give to unlock a $50,000 matching gift!”

What do successful online fundraising campaigns have in common?

They have specific, achievable goals.

There is a sense of urgency to participate – a matching gift, a deadline.

There is trust built up BEFORE the campaign launches.

There is infrastructure in place to promote the campaign.

Use this free Planner when planning your next online fundraising campaign!

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