Solutions to 6 Common Nonprofit Digital Storytelling Challenges

How to Combat Common Nonprofit Digital Storytelling Challenges

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Storytelling Summer School for nonprofitsIn this week’s lesson, I give my solutions to the 6 most common challenges faced by nonprofits as they embark on their digital storytelling campaigns.

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Here the 6 challenges that I tackle in this mini-training:

1) We’ve never collected stories before!

2) We cannot share the identities of our clients.

3) Our nonprofit is too small or new.

4) Our cause isn’t “sexy”.

5) The higher-ups are skeptical of social media

6) Clients do not want to share their stories.


Free printable download - Story Collection Worksheet!

The Story Collection Worksheet is a must-have for the organized nonprofit storyteller.

Just follow the questions on this worksheet, and you will have a plan for collecting and telling various kinds of stories to showcase the impact of your work!

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