6 Tips to Create Better Nonprofit Instagram Stories – According to Instagram

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Instagram Stories are taking the social media world by storm, and nonprofits are jumping on board!

Nonprofits like DoSomething.org, TWLOHA, Best Buddies, and more are providing insight into their work and build community with their followers through their daily and weekly Stories.

There is no doubt that people LOVE Instagram Stories – they are viewed by 500 million people very single day.

In a recent Facebook Business Webinar, Instagram revealed that 58% of Story viewers became more interested in a brand after watching them featured within a Story.

That’s huge!

Nonprofits everywhere want to reach new people, grab attention, and inspire a passion and an interest in their cause and their work.

Instagram Stories may be the way to go for your nonprofit.

But what makes a high-performing, super-effective Instagram Story? 

See the bottom of this post for a helpful infographic from Vamp Brands that spells out the main points made by Instagram as to what makes up a standout Instagram Story:

1.  Impactful first frame that grabs attention.

Get creative with the first frame.

Use free graphic design tools like Canva and Adobe Spark to add creative visual elements to your Story.

Nonprofit Instagram Stories

2.  Use sound.

Instagram reported that 80% of Stories that use voice, narration, and/or music get better results than those that are silent.

Nonprofit Instagram Stories

3.  Ask me to do something!

Having a call-to-action in a Story drives action and engagement.

Nonprofit Instagram Stories

4.  Mix it up.

Don’t post a slew of static photos or 10 videos in a row.

Nonprofit Instagram Stories

5.  Easy on the text.

Text shouldn’t detract from the visual. Keep copy to a bare minimum.

Nonprofit Instagram Stories

6.  Branding is vital.

Instagram Stories seamlessly transition from one account to the next, so make sure that your branding is prominent on your Story so people know that it’s you.

Nonprofit Instagram Stories

The most important thing to remember is that these are just tips and guidelines.

There is NO one size fits all in social media and in Instagram Stories, and what will work best for you depends on your audience, your message, and your overall strategy.

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