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The Digital Fundraising Formula is open for enrollment!

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The Digital Fundraising Formula is your step-by-step blueprint to launching wildly successful online fundraising campaigns – over and over again!

COURSE PROMISE: Students will walk away with a Digital Fundraising Campaign Blueprint to plan, launch, and execute a wildly successful and profitable digital fundraising campaign. This Blueprint can be adapted and used over and over again, to raise money, build their following, and engage their donor base! Win-win!

Hello my nonprofit friend! I think I know what you’re thinking: 🤔

Do I really need another course/webinar/training thing? Is this something that is going to truly help me save time, get noticed, and grow my donor base?

Is this a bunch of fluff about social media, or donate buttons, or is it actionable – for my small nonprofit?

I GET IT – and I’m here to answer your questions!

You struggle with getting people to convert from social media fans and followers to DONORS.

You can’t seem to get your email list to donate at the rate that you want.

You want a step-by-step guide to getting people to take the action and DONATE ALREADY – using your website, email, and social media channels.

Also, you are an amazing human. You want to do all of this in an ethical, non-spammy or icky way.

THIS is the solution for people like you.

Do you want a live training experience that gives you access to me, access to an incredible community of nonprofit marketers and fundraisers, walks you STEP-BY-STEP through the process, and leaves you feeling calm, refreshed, motivated?

(If you get it but you need to convince your boss, let me know and I am more than happy to jump on the phone with her! 😉 I got you boo.)

The Digital Fundraising Formula is just that – a FORMULA for digital fundraising success, that you can use again and again.

In just five weeks I’ll walk you through my battle-tested and proven digital fundraising framework, PLAN:

P – Preparation and planning

L – Launch with a bang

A – Amplify the campaign

N- Nurture new digital donors

Best of all you’ll get access to a group of nonprofit fundraisers like yourself, the ability to ask all of your burning questions directly to me, and lifetime access to the materials, slides, and recordings.

Join now, and don’t waste another moment on social media – start leveraging the power and potential of these tools to raise money for your cause! I can show you how.

You walk away with a plan, a system, and a calendar so you can hit the ground running for your year-end – and all future – fundraising campaigns!

To see the full syllabus with all the live training dates and live Q&As, please click here.

Here’s what you get when you enroll:

  • 4 training modules taught LIVE each week by Julia, with manageable homework (the best part – during the live sessions, we start in on the homework together!)
  • Weekly live Study Hall sessions, where we review the homework, share what we accomplished that week, and get all of your burning questions answered.
  • Action-packed checklists, worksheets, and resource guides for each module to keep you on track, progressing, and taking action.
  • 5+ hours of on-demand video BONUS trainings.
  • Exclusive Facebook community just for students, to give you deeper support and peer guidance.
  • Lifetime access to the course and all updates. (Yep! I said LIFETIME.)

You walk away with a plan, a system, and tons of checklists and worksheets so you can hit the ground running for year-end or anytime-in-the-future fundraising!

To see the full syllabus with all the live training dates and live Q&As, please click here.

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