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How to Set Your Time Free and Love Your Work with Jenny Blake

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You’ve been told that time is precious. So why don’t we treat it like the invaluable, nonrenewable resource it is?

I was thrilled to have Jenny Blake on my podcast – not just because I love her books, her podcast, her newsletter – but mostly, her philosophy on time, on work, and on managing it all.

Jenny is an award-winning author and podcaster who loves helping people move from friction to flow through smarter systems. Her latest book, Free Time: Lose the Busywork, Love Your Business, is an operating manual for heart-based business owners and anyone who wants to create better systems in their work and expand their revenue with easy and joy.

Jenny doesn’t subscribe to the hustle more, always-on, wake up at 5 AM and meditate/work out/journal culture. She writes:

“Time isn’t money. Time is life force. And yours is precious! I’m obsessed with finding smarter strategies and systems for freeing our mind, time, and team to do more of our best work—and be truly present during our time off.”

The philosophy and the framework she teaches in this book have truly changed the way I manage my time – and the way I even THINK about time as a heart-based business owner.

Listen in to our conversation, and you’ll learn not just how to be more “productive” but how to be more intentional in the way you spend your most precious resource – your time!

In this episode, we discuss the common obstacles that keep so many of us stuck, burned out, drained, and spinning our wheels – and Jenny’s thoughtful and intentional solutions.

If you are “beset by the Burdensome B’s” as Jenny calls them – “bored, bottlenecked, burned out, or buried by bureaucracy,” then this episode is for you.

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