How Gift-Giving Can Make You A Better Fundraiser with Patrick Kucharson

How Gift-Giving Can Make You A Better Fundraiser with Patrick Kucharson

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Gift-giving makes you a better fundraiser? YUP. And I’ll tell you why!

We know that giving more than you receive is a satisfying way to live. And Patrick Kucharson helps people on both sides do just that – be better givers AND receivers, through his free email newsletter, Better Gift Coach.

Patrick runs one of my favorite weekly email newsletters Better Gift Coach, a weekly 1-minute shortcut to always having great gift ideas well in advance. Each week, he curates and shares a story of the best gift someone has ever received, and he analyzes the story to provide guidance on how others can replicate it.

I wanted to have Patrick on the podcast because I know that his work can help fundraisers, marketers, mission-driven individuals, and anyone trying to make an impact and affect people.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Patrick’s nonprofit background at Jumpstart in Cleveland
  • Storytelling techniques – both in the collecting, crafting, and the telling is a master storyteller – both as a teller and a collector. We can all learn from his simple strategies.
  • Where to find compelling stories that will resonate with your audience
  • The GivingTuesday story he shared that caught my eye
  • What to consider when giving a charitable gift on behalf of another person
  • Creating a great giving and receiving experience

Listen to the end, because Patrick drops some major thoughts on he continues to write his newsletter week after week and how he manages to sustain his creativity.

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