2023 Fundraising.AI Virtual Global Summit

Artificial Intelligence + Fundraising – Worth The Hype?

Julia Claire Campbell AI, Fundraising, Nonprofits

Join me at the Fundraising.Ai Virtual Summit – totally free – on October 23-24, 2023!

2023 Fundraising.AI
Virtual Global Summit

There is no doubt that Artificial Intelligence has reshaped and continues to reshape industries and society. It holds incredible promises, but navigating the Responsible AI landscape is full of challenges.

The Fundraising.AI Collaborative is focused on providing tools for organizations and AI practitioners to build, buy, and support responsible and trusted AI systems for fundraising purposes.

In this special bonus episode of Nonprofit Nation, I talk with Mallory Erickson, Creator of the Power Partners Formula™ and Host of What the Fundraising and Facilitator of the upcoming Fundraising.AI Virtual Global Summit.

We discuss:

  • The vision of the upcoming Fundraising.AI Summit
  • The biggest AI opportunities for fundraisers
  • Who should attend the Summit
  • The kinds of sessions we can expect

Register for free at www.fundraising.ai/summit !

Connect with Mallory:

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