How Much Should Nonprofits Spend On Advertising? with Samin Pogoff

How Much Should Nonprofits Spend On Advertising?

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Listen to the full episode in your favorite podcast app – search Nonprofit Nation – or listen here. The answer is… 42. (Listen to find out what that means, and thanks for all the fish.) In all seriousness, the question is not should our nonprofit have a budget for advertising. In 2022, the more important question is – just how much should we spend, …

Google Ad Grants for Nonprofits

What’s The Deal With Google Ad Grants – And Are They Right For My Nonprofit?

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You’ve probably heard about Google Ad Grants and how they can help nonprofits reach more people and get more visibility. In today’s special live session, join me and Chris Barlow of Beeline Marketing for a breakdown. We will answer these burning questions: What are Google Ad Grants? How can I apply? How do nonprofits use them? What are some of …