How to Build and Mobilize A Social Media Community for Your Nonprofit in 90 Days – Resources

Resources to go with the book:
How to Build and Mobilize A Social Media Community for Your Nonprofit in 90 Days

Get a copy of the Nonprofit Social Media Blueprint and the Social Media Calendar spreadsheet.

Examples of internal and external social media policies for nonprofits:

A list of free and low-cost social video tools that you can use to create, enhance, and edit videos, using just your smartphone – available in this Google Drive folder

Digital dashboards for social listening: HootSuite, Buffer, Meltwater,, (now part of Blackbaud)

Examples of nonprofit Social Media Ambassador programs:

Real-world examples and links to online nonprofit Social Media Toolkits:

Examples of nonprofit Social Media Marketing Campaigns  

References/Endnotes – Links to examples cited in the book


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Chapter 1 – Setting Clear Goals 

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Chapter 2  – Audience Identification 

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Chapter 3 – A Message that Attracts 

Planned Parenthood manifesto, 

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Chapter 5 – Picking Platforms 

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Chapter 7 – 6 Pillars 

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Chapter 8 – Pillar 2

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Chapter 9 – Pillar 3

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Rosie’s Place on Instagram, 

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Chapter 10 – Pillar 4

A Mighty Girl Holiday Gift Guide, 

Amirah, Inc. gift guide on Instagram,   

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Chapter 11 – Pillar 5 

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Chapter 12 – Pillar 6

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WordSwag mobile app, 

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Naperville Area Humane Society on Facebook,



Chapter 13 – How to Repurpose Existing Content 

Magisto app, 

Animoto app, 

Storeo app, 

CutStory for Instagram Stories app, 


Malaria No More on Pinterest, on Instagram, 

Canva for Nonprofits, 

Adobe Spark, 



The Chronicle of Philanthropy, 

NonProfit PRO, 





Nonprofit Technology Network (NTEN), 

Wild Apricot, 

Google Hangout, 

Facebook Live, 

Instagram Live, 

Chapter 14 – How to Curate Content 




Google Alerts,,, 

Chapter 15 – How to Address Challenges

Uplift Repeal Training: Persuasive Conversations. 

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 AEIOU Foundation on YouTube, 

The free video that Lumen5 created based on a blog post I wrote: 

Chapter 16 – Slacktivists 

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Chapter 17 – Monthly Social Media Calendar, The Top 20 Valuable Facebook Statistics – Updated July 2019. 

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Chapter 18 – How to Amplify Your Message 

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Chapter 19 – Social Media Ambassadors 

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Susan G. Komen Florida video campaign with CauseVid,

Susan G. Komen Florida Social Media Ambassador program,

Crossroad Child & Family Services on Facebook,

The National Osteoporosis Foundation Brand Ambassador program, 

Chapter 20 – Social Media Toolkit

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Chapter 21 – Connect with Influencers 

Blackbaud and Small Act infographic, A Meet & Greet With Your Favorite Social Archetypes. 

Nonprofit Podcasts and Video Shows, 

Chapter 23 – How to Measure Success 

Kanter, Beth. 2012. “Say So What To Your Data Three Times.” 

Chapter 24 – Productivity

The Pomodoro Technique,

Dichter, Sasha. 2008. “In Defense of Raising Money: a Manifesto for NonProfit CEOs.”  

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