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Social Media for Social Good Academy🎉🎉Special On-Demand Bonus Training Just Added!🎉🎉 

Visual Storytelling In A Digital World: How to Stand Out and Get Noticed 

What we will cover in this special bonus training: 

  • How to use visual storytelling platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok to reach younger audiences and stay relevant. 
  • How to use visual storytelling to drive donations in fundraising campaigns. 
  • Free and low-cost tools nonprofits that nonprofits can use to create visuals for their storytelling, on a bootstrap budget. 

What you absolutely need to know about Storytelling That Sticks:

1) We will be doing the work together each week, and I’ll review your homework myself!

2) You will get LIFETIME access to the course. This means you can take it again and again, if you so desire!

3) This course will not be offered again in 2020.

What is Storytelling That Sticks?

It’s the essential, step-by-step blueprint for taming the digital storytelling chaos, building a community of fans that rave about you, and getting your work day back on track.

Distilled into a simple system you can follow without overwhelm! 


Cost to you for lifetime access: $597

  • 5 training modules taught LIVE each week by Julia, with manageable homework (the best part – during the live sessions, we start in on the homework together!)
    • Valued at $6,000
  • Weekly live Study Hall sessions, where we review the homework, share what we accomplished that week, and get all of your burning questions answered.
    • Valued at $3,500
  • Action-packed checklists, worksheets, and resource guides for each module to keep you on track, progressing, and taking action.
    • Valued at $5,000
  • 4 hours of on-demand video BONUS trainings.
    • Valued at $4,000
  • Exclusive Facebook community just for students, to give you deeper support and peer guidance.
    • Valued at $3,000
  • Lifetime access to the course and all updates. (Yep! I said LIFETIME.)
    • Valued at $2,000

    Total value: $23,500

Cost to you for lifetime access: $597

This is not a course where you download a bunch of videos and PDFs in one lump and muddle through with no guidance and no support! No way, no how!

In Storytelling That Sticks, I deliver one live training once per week. Each training is about an hour, but it’s not all passive listening. We start the homework for each week during the live session, to help you create momentum and keep you moving along.

In the weekly Study Hall sessions, we review the homework and go through questions, challenges, and any obstacles you may face along the way.  These sessions are designed to help you stay focused and on track.

Each and every week you will have the opportunity to join me for a live training via Zoom, or you can watch the recording at your convenience. If you take longer to get through certain portions, no worries at all! You will have LIFETIME access to this content (and any future updates that I will assuredly make).

The syllabus gives you the complete live weekly training and Study Hall schedule. In addition, I’ll be sure to send you an email reminder each week to keep us on track.

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