10 Characteristics of A Great Nonprofit Blog

6 Reasons Your Nonprofit May Not Be Ready For Social Media

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If you read this blog, you know that I feel strongly about the potential of social media and digital tools to transform the ways that nonprofits communicate with donors and supporters. Nonprofits are jumping on social channels in greater numbers.  The most important social media platforms for nonprofits are Facebook (95%), Twitter (64%), YouTube (38%), and LinkedIn (26%). However, not …

11 Things the @NYTimes Staff Can Teach Nonprofits about Using Twitter

11 Things Nonprofits Can Learn About Using Twitter from the @NYTimes

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With over 10.6 million (yes, million) Twitter followers, The New York Times is one of the most respected and reputable Twitter accounts out there. So what have they learned from a year of tweets? Michael Roston, the Social Media Staff Editor at the Times, wrote a great article for Neiman Journalism Lab about the top lessons his team learned from …