Giving Tuesday

Nonprofits, social media and fundraising: #GivingTuesday is a few of my favorite things

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I know you’ve heard of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. To most, these are revered celebrations of online consumerism and the chance to stomp on strangers for the lowest priced television. In response to this, but also as a great idea in and of itself, #GivingTuesday has been embraced by the nonprofit and philanthropic world as an alternative to the …

It's All About The Images, Baby

It’s All About The Images, Baby – Pinterest and Instagram for Nonprofits

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I decided today that I want to focus more of my time helping nonprofits understand, embrace and harness the power of images. The idea of visual storytelling is certainly nothing new or ground-breaking. Leaders in the nonprofit and social media field have been writing about it for years. It seems to me an indisputable fact – the nonprofit organizations that …