Marketing Your Online Auction: 3 Tips to Boost Interest

Marketing Your Online Auction: 3 Tips to Boost Interest

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Guest post by Sarah Sebastian, Director of Corporate Communications for OneCause As those in the nonprofit world realize, few things are as effective—or as time consuming—as fundraising events. Auctions are among our favorites for engaging donors and raising revenue. However, they do require investments of your time and resources to drive results, even when held virtually.  To make sure you maximize …

The 2022 Fundraising Outlook

What’s the Fundraising Outlook for 2022?

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In September of 2021, OneCause conducted a survey to better understand how event and online fundraising has evolved this past year, and how nonprofits are preparing for a post-pandemic future. This report looks at some of the year’s biggest challenges, where nonprofits are finding success, and the outlook for 2022. Results are based on an online survey of 1,954 nonprofit …