Bio: Julia Campbell has run her digital marketing consulting business for almost a decade, focused exclusively on mission-driven organizations. A mom of 2 and a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer, she is the author of Storytelling in the Digital Age: A Guide for Nonprofits, a call-to-action for nonprofits to use stories to accomplish their missions.

Based in Boston, Julia is a global authority on digital storytelling, with happy clients spanning the globe from Moscow to San Francisco. She has provided workshops and training to Meals on Wheels America, the Make-A-Wish Foundation, the Boys & Girls Clubs of America, and Facebook. Julia is a frequent contributor to Nonprofit Tech for Good, Social Media Today, Maximize Social Business, Elevation Web, Network for Good, Wild Apricot, and others.

Her passion is to get nonprofits of all sizes to stop spinning their wheels on social media and to start getting real results using digital tools. You can check out her thoughts and ideas on all things nonprofit digital storytelling and social media at

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I increase the clarity, confidence, and capacity of nonprofits in the areas of social media marketing and online fundraising.

 So, what’s unique about me?

 1)      I believe in what I do. I firmly believe in the power of technology and online tools to help nonprofits tell their stories, to connect with stakeholders, and to advocate on behalf of clients. I’ve seen it work.

2)      I understand nonprofits and the unique challenges they confront. I’ve been a one person Development and Marketing Department, a volunteer and a Board Member. Having spent my career in the nonprofit and public sectors, I understand the specific obstacles that marketing and fundraising professionals face every day – isolation, wearing multiple hats, high expectations, and increasing responsibilities.

3)      I know what I’m doing. I don’t just play around on social media for fun. I attend conferences, read blogs, take webinars and read relevant publications to constantly be on top of all the changes in the social media and nonprofit landscape. I am also a published author!

4)      I focus my work with nonprofit organizations. This allows me to specialize and focus on the unique needs of the third sector. The lack of capacity, support and resources available for nonprofits in the area of digital marketing and social media is the reason I started my business. J Campbell Social Marketing was founded in 2010 – built for nonprofits as a way to enable them to reach their goals using digital marketing and social media.

5)      I won’t sell you on social media if you aren’t ready. My goals are to help nonprofit professionals stay focused, gain confidence, and get organized.

6)      I get it. It’s tough out there. Many nonprofits do not have the money to employ full or part-time fundraising and marketing staff people. That’s why I offer comprehensive training to get your social media efforts up and running and to fully prepare you to sustain these efforts after our engagement.

7) I wrote a book! Yep, I actually “wrote the book” on digital storytelling for nonprofits. You can check it out on Amazon, and I would love to know what you think.

Storytelling in the Digital Age A Guide for Nonprofits buy on AmazonSample projects:

Road Scholar: Helped create their #AgeAdventurously online campaign that includes three components – a Facebook story contest, Facebook quizzes, and a Facebook photo contest, with the goal of email acquisition and community engagement.

Make-A-Wish Foundation: Worked with three different chapters on the conception, implementation, and measurement of individual Mother’s/Father’s Day and Back-to-School online campaigns, which raised over 500k.

FHI 360 Educational Equity: Created a Social Media Tool Kit and online campaign to launch their national initiative, Right from the Start in the Digital Age, #digitalagekids.

Plummer Home for Boys: Helped to create and implement their first online awareness campaign focused on increasing foster care placements and dispelling myths about foster care children.

Essex County Greenbelt Association: Developed the idea of #WeAreGreenbelt, their first multi-channel campaign designed to drive membership and increase engagement on their social media channels.

North Shore Elder Services launched a new program for caregivers called The Longevity Connection. I worked with them to create the marketing message and plan, launch a brand new website and create and maintain several social media profiles.

The North Shore Cancer Walk needed to raise awareness for their annual fundraising walk. I coached their marketing team on ways to build engagement on Facebook, Twitter and through their blog, and we created a plan and calendar to bring all their marketing efforts together.

Beverly Main Streets needed a social media presence to raise awareness of their events and programs. I coached their tiny staff on how to utilize Facebook and email marketing together to grow an engaged and informed community and increase attendance at events.

I have conducted half and full day social media trainings for dozens of nonprofits including local food pantries, community foundations, United Ways, civic organizations and hospitals with the goal of getting them focused online, providing best practice examples in their industry and creating a doable plan of action.

Please peruse my list of my Consulting Services, Online Courses, and client Testimonials, or get in touch right now to schedule a phone call! 

Do you need a step-by-step guide to creating digital storytelling campaigns?

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  6. Ainura

    Hi Julia! My name is Ainura. I have non profit org. I read your articles
    I would love to work with you and get some advises how to get donors!

    1. Post
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  8. Claude SHAMEO

    Julia , am very glad to find you, I will like to grow with your advice and capacity building in my field staff, but we do not have a fund , we are looking for funds, while Julia how you speak the language, is what you can also speak French ? Answer me, because our country is French, we find it difficult to speak in English , please answer me please .
    Yours claude , coordinator of the non-profit association SAIP in eastern DRC ;

  9. Daniel Muraya

    I’m Daniel a leader of a non profit organization for persons with disabilities.I would like to establish a rehabilitation centre but I’m yet to build an online presence.
    Kindly,guide me on ways and means of raising funds online so that I can achieve my dream.
    Kind regards,
    Daniel Muraya

  10. Sarah T.

    I was disappointed with your email message this week. I love your content as it relates to my business (my company has utilized your services) but I did not feel it was necessary to include this paragraph:

    “Another way is to support legislative efforts to get automatic rifles out of the hands of civilians. It was thrilling last night to watch Senator Chris Murphy and others stand up on the Senate floor and say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Hopefully, real conversations will ensue, and real change will happen. Thoughts and prayers are not preventing gun massacres. Call your representatives and tell them that it’s time.”

    I love your services, but this is a personal issue for so many of us on both sides and I didn’t feel it was the proper channel to discuss. I felt the sentence prior was enough to inspire as I look to your emails for business inspiration, which I will continue to do.

    1. Post
      Julia Claire Campbell

      It’s my newsletter so it’s my opinion – and it’s an issue that I feel very, very strongly about. I had to express myself – I can’t remain silent on this any longer – and I applaud the efforts of the legislators that were not standing silent. Enough is enough. End gun violence.

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