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I am the author of Storytelling in the Digital Age: A Guide for Nonprofits, and I bring over a decade of experience in nonprofit digital marketing, storytelling, and social media strategy.

These are my most popular talks, offered in either a keynote or workshop format. I am very comfortable customizing and tailoring all presentations to your specific audience’s needs.

Nonprofit digital storytellingStorytelling in the Digital Age: Strategies to Build Your Movement & Engage Your Supporters

While the power and the principles of great storytelling have not changed since humans began to communicate, the landscape in which to tell stories certainly has. Digital technologies have fundamentally changed the way people research, consume, and share information. Virtual reality tools are disrupting traditional nonprofit storytelling, bringing donors and stakeholders directly inside the work of organizations.

The question remains – how can we collect, craft, and share these stories in order to take our audience from passive to active and create the maximum impact? Author and nonprofit storytelling expert Julia Campbell will walk you through the secrets to nonprofit storytelling success in the digital age, based on her bestselling book for nonprofits.

Mission-Driven Storytelling for Social Change 

Storytelling is the fuel in the marketing and fundraising engine of the modern nonprofit. Great storytelling does more than communicate a message; it gets at the heart of how humans process information. Popular stories and narratives play a large role in how we see the world.  Beyond raising money and increasing visibility, how can storytelling be used to create real social change? Mission-driven storytelling has the potential to change hearts and minds around complex, difficult issues. All nonprofit professionals and volunteers need to start thinking of themselves as storytellers if they want to convert their stakeholders from passive participants to passionate advocates.   

In this talk, digital storytelling expert Julia Campbell will share some of most powerful ways that storytelling can be used to challenge cultural stereotypes, connect with diverse audiences, and inspire people to take action.  

nonprofits engaging millennialsHow Nonprofits Can (And Should!) Engage Millennial and Next Gen Donors and Volunteers 

Millennials, or Gen Y, are poised to take the world by storm. Boomers may be big spenders, but their kids will be the largest consumer generation in history. Young people aged 17-34 today will spend more than $200 billion annually starting in 2018, and $10 trillion in their lifetimes. Where does charitable giving fit into the Millennial landscape, and how can your nonprofit start building relationships with this generation? If you don’t know how to reach or approach Millennials and the younger generations, let alone get them involved with your cause, then this workshop is for you.

Speaking Engagements 2018

DonorSearch – How to Use Facebook’s Free Fundraising Tools to Drive Donations

CauseVox – How Nonprofits Must Adapt To Facebook Changes in 2018

Tech Networks of Boston – Create Your 2018 Nonprofit Storytelling Plan

California Hospital Volunteer Leadership Conference – Storytelling in the Digital Age: How to Use Storytelling and Social Media to Recruit and Engage Volunteers

Cape Cod & Plymouth Digital Marketing Summit – Using Facebook’s Free Fundraising Tools to Drive Results

#18NTC NTEN Nonprofit Technology Conference – How to Use Facebook’s Free Fundraising Tools to Drive Donations

American Childhood Cancer Organization Founding Hope Conference (private event)- How to Create a Digital Storytelling Plan that Engages Donors and Builds Community  

Boys & Girls Clubs of America National Conference – Telling Your Nonprofit’s Story in the Digital Age: How to Plan and Launch Amazingly Successful Digital Storytelling Campaigns

7th Annual Social Media Day at UMass Boston – Let’s Rethink Social Media

Florida Library Webinars (private event) – How to Drive Community Engagement for Your Library Using Social Media and Storytelling

Nonprofit Connect – How to Use Facebook’s Free Fundraising Tools to Drive Donations

Liberty Bank Foundation Annual Conference – How Nonprofits Can (And Should!) Engage Millennial Donors and Volunteers

Network for Good – How to Tell Stories That Take Supporters from Passive to Passionate

Nonprofit Tech Club Boston (NTEN chapter) – How to Use Facebook’s Free Fundraising Tools to Drive Donations 

Classy Collaborative – Together We Thrive

DipJar – How to Drive Social Media Engagement with Your Nonprofit Stories

Joan Garry’s #NonprofitsAreMessy podcast – Is It Time to Leave Facebook?

2018 Meals on Wheels Annual Conference & Expo –  Trends in Nonprofit Communications

Nonprofit Leadership Lab – How to Launch a FABULOUS #GivingTuesday Campaign with Less Work and More Impact

Lady Boss Marketing Bootcamp – Strategies to Stand Out Using Social Media

Kindful – How to Drive Social Media Engagement With Your Nonprofit Stories

INBOUND 2018 – INBOUND&: Innovation Women Pop-up: Accelerating Women’s Careers Summit

Facebook Community Boost Menlo Park, CA

Susan G. Komen South Florida in partnership with Sanford Institute of Philanthropy at the National Leadership Institute – Storytelling in the Digital Age: Strategies to Build Your Movement and Engage Your Supporters

Synergy Social Media Marketing 2018 Forum in Moscow

(Keynote and Workshop) Nonprofit Day 2018 – Thriving vs Surviving

Massachusetts Conference for Women – Social Media Roundtable

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Bloomerang TV – How Nonprofits Can Build Loyal Social Media Followers

CauseSquare Podcast – Why Use Storytelling In Your Donor Outreach

I am pleased to have been featured on the CauseSquare podcast, talking about my favorite subject, digital fundraising and social media!Storytelling Donor Outreach

CommunityFunded Podcast – How to Energize Your Digital Donors Using Social Media

I am pleased to have been featured on the CommunityFunded podcast, talking about my favorite subject, digital fundraising and social media!

How to Energize Your Digital Donors Using Social Media

Social Eyes Podcast – Authenticity and Building an Online Community – Episode 22

I am pleased to have been featured on my friend Jeannine O’Neil’s super social media podcast, Social Eyes!

See more details up at Jeannine’s blog, and listen to the podcast by clicking the link above.

Rally & Engage Podcast – How to Use Social Media for Fundraising

I am pleased to have been featured on Causevox’s social media for nonprofits podcast, Rally & Engage!

See more details up at Causevox’s blog, and register for my free webinar with Causevox here.

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How to Build Your Nonprofit Email List Using Your Website & Social Media

Your email list is essentially the communicative lifeblood of your nonprofit.

Okay, that was a little dramatic, but seriously, your nonprofit needs a robust and plentiful email list to continue engaging your community and garnering support.

But how does your nonprofit go about building this active email list, you might ask?

Via your nonprofit’s website and social media profiles of course!

J Campbell Social Marketing has partnered with Elevation to bring you this free guide to building your nonprofit email list, using the tools that you already have!

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