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I’m happy to explore working together! I come from the nonprofit sector, so I fully understand what it means to be a one-person development and outreach department.

What do you need help with?

Storytelling: I want to learn how to collect and tell better stories about the great work that we do.

Social Media: I want to run a social media campaign to raise awareness for my nonprofit.

Fundraising: I want to launch an online fundraising campaign to connect with new donors.

 Click here to read testimonials about my work from happy clients and colleagues.


HANDS-ON CAMPAIGN PLANNING PACKAGES: Are you planning a social media campaign this year? Maybe launching a crowdfunding campaign? I have you covered, from planning and preparation, to launch, to execution, to wrap-up and follow-through. (These slots book up FAST, since I only take on a handful of campaigns per quarter.)

Email me about working together on a campaign:

Click here to read testimonials about my work from happy clients and colleagues.

SOCIAL MEDIA SUPERCHARGE: My most popular service! I only book one per week so they sell out quickly.

How it works: You give me your social media URLs and list your past and current social media strategies with your overall marketing goals. I’ll brainstorm ideas for your specific organization, and we’ll deep dive into what social media can do to help you achieve your marketing goals during our 60 minute call.

Many clients walk away with a plan for the next several months or even a whole year of social media content. You will receive a full recording of our call, as well as a document listing all the big ideas and highlights of our call. I usually throw in some extra bonuses and resources that I know you may enjoy and find useful. 🙂

Read more about this service: Social Media Supercharge

Investment: $1500

CUSTOM WEBINARS: I have created and presented unique webinars for national organizations such as Down Syndrome Affiliates In Action and The Big Read. My clients offer the completely customized webinar to their members and affiliates, and they have the opportunity to get their questions answered in real time.

Read more about this service: Custom Live Webinars for Your Group or Association

Investment: $850

SPEAKING: I love to create dynamic presentations for conferences and associations!

See the Speaking section for more details about how to hire me to speak. For samples of my presentations, visit my SlideShare page.

Investment: Varies, depending on the size of the audience and the scope of the talk. 


SMALL GROUP HANDS-ON WORKSHOPS: I can’t lie, I pretty much live to design and implement custom half and full-day workshops for small nonprofit groups and staff. This is a great option if you have specific questions, are working on a time-sensitive project, or if you are training new hires or volunteers.

Investment: Varies, depending on the size of the audience and the scope of the talk. 


FREE STUFF: I drop knowledge about all things nonprofit social media and storytelling for free through my blog posts, my Facebook Live video trainings, and the occasional free webinar.

I also administer the free nonprofit social media storytelling Facebook Group – request access here.

Investment: Just your time and energy! 


ONLINE TRAININGS: I give several webinars each month on topics related to nonprofit digital marketing and online fundraising. These premium online workshops go in depth on one topic and include several bonus materials, including calendars, worksheets, and templates designed for busy nonprofits. This is a great option for small nonprofits who don’t have large marketing budgets but do have a motivated DIY attitude. For a full list of my webinars, visit the Online Trainings page.

Investment: Varies, most of my premium webinars start at $75

Free e-book for nonprofits: The Essential Guide to Nonprofit Facebook Groups!

Shutterstock using phones

Everything you need to get set-up and get started with Groups!

Facebook recently announced that they are going to put more an emphasis on building community and encouraging “meaningful interactions” on the site. This means less reach for public posts by brands and organizations.

So what's a nonprofit to do? Get in the community engagement game! One way to build a dynamic, passionate community is to create a Facebook Group.

In this step-by-step guide:

  • The difference between Facebook Groups and Facebook Pages
  • How to create a Facebook Group for your nonprofit
  • The pros and cons to starting and managing a Facebook Group
  • Key considerations when deciding to start a Group for your specific organization
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