Personalized Nonprofit Coaching

I’ve been in your shoes. I have been a one-woman development, marketing, community outreach, kitchen sink shop. I know the time trade-offs that you face every single day.

For example, time spent updating the Facebook Page is time spent away from calling donors. Time spent figuring out how to run a #GivingTuesday campaign is time spent away from planning your volunteer appreciation event. And so on. 

You don’t have hours to learn about trendy software platforms, shiny new social media tools, or marketing funnels. You don’t even have minutes!

Time is EVERYTHING in the nonprofit world – sometimes a more precious resource than money.

Your clarity of vision and confidence in your day-to-day tasks will increase, as we build some simple systems together through personalized coaching.

Having simple, streamlined systems in your day will immediately help you do less work, stay focused, and create even more impact with the work that you do.

This package includes:

This package is for you if:

  • You need coaching on specific topics related to social media, online marketing, and online fundraising;
  • You are ready to take critique and take action;
  • You are willing to put in the hard work, complete the action steps, and come prepared to our meetings.

Investment: $850/month – minimum 3 month commitment