Nonprofit Social Media Campaign Planning

I want to run a social media campaign to raise awareness for my nonprofit, promote an event, or increase visibility around a project or initiative. 

You do fabulous work, you are changing the world every day, and you could do so much more –  if only more people knew about your impact!

Raising awareness is the goal of any social media campaign. Perhaps you have a milestone coming up at your organization, and you want to spread the word and generate some buzz around it.

I can help you prepare, plan, and launch a wildly successful social media campaign for your nonprofit – start to finish.

Over the course of 2 weeks, I will guide you step-by-step through each phase (preparation, launch, implementation, and follow-up) required of a successful nonprofit social media campaign.

What we will do together:
  • Set SMART goals for your social media campaign
  • Choose an overall theme for the campaign
  • Choose and set-up your platforms
  • Research hashtags and create a unique hashtag for your campaign
  • Write compelling messaging that will spur people to take action
  • Develop a Storytelling Action Plan to find, collect, and craft the best stories about your impact – even if you have confidentiality issues, ethical problems, and limited staff to do it!
  • Find influencers who can help elevate the campaign
  • Identify, recruit, and coordinate Social Media Ambassadors to build buzz and spread the word
  • Create a simple Social Media Toolkit to promote the campaign
  • Fill out the day-by-day Campaign Calendar so nothing falls through the cracks
  • Tutorial on free and low-cost tools to create social media graphics, including infographics
  • Tutorial on free and low-cost tools for creating video just using a smartphone

At the end of this consulting project, you will have a comprehensive Social Media Campaign Roadmap than can be adapted for future initiatives.

What is included?
  • The work will be completed in two 2-hour hands-on small-group meetings, with homework assigned to the client to complete between each training.
  • Before our initial meeting, I will send you a comprehensive questionnaire to provide background on your past and current social media efforts.
  • After receiving the questionnaire, I will conduct an audit of your social media efforts to date and provide recommendations and ideas to discuss at our initial meeting.
  • In between meetings, I will assign brief client homework, as well as answer any questions.
  • After our final meeting, I will send you notes, recordings of our sessions (if held via Crowdcast), and all necessary resources.
  • Three check-in phone calls during the social media campaign to answer questions and brainstorm solutions to any challenges.

These meetings can be held in person if you are in the Boston area, or via Crowdcast (recordings will be shared with you).

  • Social Media Campaign Roadmap
  • Campaign Content Calendar
  • Notes and materials after each meeting

Investment: Starts at $3,500

Check availability and inquire about working with me by emailing or calling 978-578-1328.