Nonprofit Social Media Supercharge

I want to learn how to strategically use social media to accomplish my marketing goals.

Stressed out and overwhelmed by all the options available on social media?

Spinning your wheels and not getting the results that you want for your nonprofit?

Would you love to work with a professional, but don’t have the resources to hire an agency or pay for a long-term consulting package?

The Social Media Supercharge is the answer.

How the Social Media Supercharge works: 

You give me your social media URLs and list your past and current social media strategies with your overall marketing goals. I’ll brainstorm ideas for your specific organization, and we’ll deep dive into what social media can do to help you achieve your marketing goals during our 60 minute call.

Many clients walk away with a plan for the next several months or even a whole year of social media content. You will receive a full recording of our call, as well as a document listing all the big ideas and highlights of our call. I usually throw in some extra bonuses and resources that I know you may enjoy and find useful. 🙂

This package includes:

This package is for you if:

  • Your nonprofit has been using social media but you do not feel like you have a clear direction;
  • You want to become more clear on your audience, how to find and target them, and how to get them from passive to active;
  • You are overwhelmed with all the tools and information available and need tactical guidance on what to prioritize;
  • You work for a small nonprofit that needs a step-by-step plan that will lead to measurable results.

Investment: $1500

Check availability and inquire about working with me by emailing or calling 978-578-1328. 


How to Build Your Nonprofit Email List Using Your Website & Social Media

Your email list is essentially the communicative lifeblood of your nonprofit.

Okay, that was a little dramatic, but seriously, your nonprofit needs a robust and plentiful email list to continue engaging your community and garnering support.

But how does your nonprofit go about building this active email list, you might ask?

Via your nonprofit’s website and social media profiles of course!

J Campbell Social Marketing has partnered with Elevation to bring you this free guide to building your nonprofit email list, using the tools that you already have!

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